I was recently in a church meeting in the South.  Church had ended and we were greeting people at our table and talking about the ministry.  We met many great people, passed out many prayer cards and partnered with many in prayer.  I met one lady that was very excited about the ministry God has called us to.  However, she expressed deep sorrow and regret as she shared lost opportunities for service.  She wished she had served the Lord like we were when she was younger.   Sorrow filled her eyes as she had not obeyed the Lord at a younger age and now cannot do what the Lord would have her do because of her age and sickness. 

It’s never too late to serve the Lord, but opportunities not take are lost.  We cannot reclaim the past and I am thankful that the future is still open for service to Him.  I’m reminded of a preacher I once heard whose theme was ‘Carpe Diem’…Seize the Day.  Let us strive for that so that we don’t have any regrets!