The end of March and all of April thus far has been a whirlwind as my two older daughters and I headed back to AL to be with my wife and 3 year old in the delivery of our 4th girl.  It was a difficult situation as we were in and out of the hospital several times before our newest Z was born.  Joy broke out when Zadie was born on April 1st (no fooling!).  We are excited about the next (and last) addition to our family.  Please continue to pray for their recovery.  We have enjoyed being at home with friends and family for the month of April but we are eager to get back on the road as soon as everyone is well enough to travel.  God has truly blessed us and taken care of us.  We are so thankful and excited about the road ahead.  This new baby is a great reminder of all the souls we meet on a daily basis and the ones in Zambia that are waiting to be born again!  Thank you for your prayer support!