Our Testimony


I guess I used to be what people would call a ‘rocket scientist’.  God allowed me the opportunity to work for the US Space Program at NASA.  I was able to work on the Space Shuttle program, meet astronauts, and walk around the space shuttle launch pad.  You might be asking, why would anyone quite such a job to travel to Zambia?  The answer to that question can be found many years ago when I received Christ on August 27, 1987.  I was actively involved in church for many years in area such as youth ministries, children’s ministries, discipleship and missions. It was after a missions trip to Brazil in 2000 that the Lord starting working in my life regarding full time ministry. God continued working in my life regarding full time ministry while serving in my local church and various missions trips around the country and in other parts of the world.  However, it was not until a missions trip to Zambia, Africa in 2007 that God showed me that full time missions was where he wanted me and my family. God continued to push me in this direction and used people, circumstances, prayer letters and the Word of God to keep this at the front of my mind. My wife and I planned a one-month trip back to Zambia and took our two very young children with us.  God answered prayer and confirmed that this is what He wanted us to do.  God continued to work in our lives and confirmed his call on me and that it was now time to step out in faith.


I was a teenager when I came to know & trust the Lord as my Savior.  When I was in my 20’s I surrendered my life to the Lord to be whatever and go where He lead.  Through my daily devotions in His Word, time and prayer with the Lord he gave me Scripture and peace that foreign missions was in His plan for me. Since I believe this is the plan the Lord has for us I have tried to prepare myself through the opportunities the Lord has allowed. As well as missions trips within the continental U.S. and two journeys to Zambia, Africa.   We are continuing to follow the Lord along each step He enlightens along the path He has for us.

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