Lost Time?

I was recently in a church meeting in the South.  Church had ended and we were greeting people at our table and talking about the ministry.  We met many great people, passed out many prayer cards and partnered with many in prayer.  I met one lady that was very excited about the ministry God has called us to.  However, she expressed deep sorrow and regret as she shared lost opportunities for service.  She wished she had served the Lord like we were when she was younger.   Sorrow filled her eyes as she had not obeyed the Lord at a younger age and now cannot do what the Lord would have her do because of her age and sickness. 

It’s never too late to serve the Lord, but opportunities not take are lost.  We cannot reclaim the past and I am thankful that the future is still open for service to Him.  I’m reminded of a preacher I once heard whose theme was ‘Carpe Diem’…Seize the Day.  Let us strive for that so that we don’t have any regrets!

Labor Day

We were recently at a church and I snapped this picture of a old farm yoke that was brought in. You don’t see many of these around these days. I am reminded of a sermon I heard not to long ago from Matthew 11 regarding the importance of yoking up with the Lord Jesus Christ. As I look at this yoke at the church, I get a better understanding of what this means. The preacher also emphasized the importance of churches ‘yoking’ with missionaries in the work of the ministry. Working together to get the work done. Let’s strive to “yoke up” with the Lord and with each other to get the labor done. Happy Labor Day!

Pray Without Ceasing

We always strive to be a blessing wherever we go. It is a joy to share about God’s love for the people of the world and to know we are a part of sharing the gospel. It is always encouraging to hear from people and to know they are praying for us. Below are a few pictures of artwork sent to us from kids we met at the very first church we visited. It is such an encouragement to know they are still praying for us!

photo 3 photo 2


We had a meeting in Pennsylvania recently and had the opportunity to stop in Philadelphia. We were excited to spend some time looking at and learning more about our nation’s history and the freedom’s we enjoy. One highlight was viewing the Liberty Bell. We are so thankful for the freedom that comes with being US citizens.

libertyAs I thought on this further, I got even more excited about the freedom and liberty that comes in my relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ! Thank you for praying for us!




June was a very busy month. However, one of the main highlights was the BIMI Candidate School in the first week. Great training and speakers filled the week. The end of the week brought the official ‘pinning’ ceremony where we received our BIMI pins. Exciting times!


“I was praying that God would send us an missionary to Africa for our conference.” That was the testimony of the pastor of a church we visited in May. We are very humbled and excited that God is working our schedule and bringing churches across our path in His timing.

As we have our family every evening, we take praises from the kids and our oldest says often, “I want to thank God that we get to go to Zambia to tell others about Jesus.” We are excited to see God working in the lives of our kids as they are in these formidable years.

Thank you again to all those that churches that have us in and those that partner with us in prayer and financially!


House For Sale

House For Sale

It is amazing what God orders, He pays for. We put our house on the market a year or so ago and it sat for quite a while with not even a bite. We put our house up for sale by owner this past week and within 72 hours God had sent just the right family along and it was sold. We are excited about what God is doing. Please continue to pray for us and with us!

The Roadtrip Begins

Ladies Carrying Grass

On a dusty Zambian road, these two ladies carry grass for use at their home. This certainly does not look easy but it very important. As I write this first update, we have hit the deputation trail running. Making calls and setting up meetings has been a very exciting start to our journey. This part of the journey isn’t easy but it is very important. I’ve found that many people are truly interested in world missions and more specifically, taking the gospel to those that have not heard in Zambia.

Please pray for us as we look forward to being a blessing to other churches by sharing what God has asked us to do. It is our prayer that for those that partner with us that this ministry would produce fruit that would abound to their account (Philippians 4:14-17).